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31-derful Years: A Marriage Made of Moments

Jodi Blazek❤ Joseph Gehr, August 17, 1985 A Marriage Made of Moments  is a blog post I wrote for our 30th anniversary last year. For our 31-derful anniversary, I share a revised post with updated photos, new “moments” and fresh reflections… because a lot can happen in one year. A marriage is made of moments.… Continue reading 31-derful Years: A Marriage Made of Moments

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Made for Goodness: A Child of God

A few years ago, in our attempt to downsize and declutter, I attacked the hundreds of books I own with an attitude of discernment. Where should this book reside? Where would it’s best home be? Shall I keep it to read again or send it along to be enjoyed by another reader? I was particularly… Continue reading Made for Goodness: A Child of God

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A Nebraska Birthday Wish

It’s Nebraska’s 150th birthday next year, but I get to blow out the candles and make the wish!! I know you aren’t supposed to share a birthday wish, but this is a secret I can’t keep. My wish: To share with everyone in Nebraska (and beyond) my favorite place in the whole world—a Benedictine monastery and… Continue reading A Nebraska Birthday Wish

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Life is Full of Joy (and Sadness Intertwined)

July, 2015, written one year ago: I’d like to think if we are doing it right, life is full of joy…even when there is sadness. This birthday weekend reserved to celebrate Jessica’s 21st birthday on July 24 and her Grandma Gehr’s 78th birthday on July 25, took a turn. Life happened instead of what was… Continue reading Life is Full of Joy (and Sadness Intertwined)

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I don’t know nothin’.

I don’t know nothin’. After trying to solve world problems, philosophizing and sharing his wisdom over a glass of wine at our kitchen table, my father-in-law, Marv, would exclaim, “What do I know? I don’t know nothin’.” He had thoughts and opinions (oh, yes, he did) and plenty of experience, but, self-admittedly, he knew he… Continue reading I don’t know nothin’.